A Romance that Started in the Workplace

Typically, I’m not one to advocate for romance in the workplace, but a workplace romance is one of the beautiful things that led to my existence. My granddaddy was a man of few words, yet he spoke volumes through his … Continue reading

I Want Things to be Different. Grief Sucks.

  No one wants to feel grief. It’s a real bitch. Yet, it’s an experience we must have as humans. It feels pervasive these days. The election brought it to the forefront of society. And my own disintegration of my … Continue reading

The Color Of Carnage

Truth can be painful. Truth requires the strongest courage. Sometimes I write to tell a story. Always I write to seek out my truth. Because for me, writing is spiritual – in the way that embracing a painful truth is spiritual. … Continue reading

Loving Unconditionally Is Impossible

In 2009 I took a year long Yoga Teacher Training Course.  I broke down and broke open. My life started unraveling. At the end of the course, the teacher, who was super intuitive, gave each of us a single-color beaded bracelet … Continue reading