The Sessions #1 – Too Much is a Lie

So powerful – it merits sharing again. You are never too much. You are always enough. In my private practice, I will sometimes have a session that is so moving, so powerful that I want to hold on to the … Continue reading

How To Be Intuitive at Work

We ARE intuitive beings. We are meant to be. Our lives are supposed to be led by our intuition. More and more of us are embracing our sensory oriented selves, but there’s a pattern I’m noticing that’s worth breaking down: … Continue reading

A Romance that Started in the Workplace

Typically, I’m not one to advocate for romance in the workplace, but a workplace romance is one of the beautiful things that led to my existence. My granddaddy was a man of few words, yet he spoke volumes through his … Continue reading

An Eclipse-Inspired Business Decision I Respect

We’re all abuzz with the impending solar eclipse – and rightly so! The energies are potent. Shadows are being pushed to the light. There’s a calling to tend to our inward consciousness. We have a heightened ability to discern between … Continue reading

I Discovered a Secret 8 Years Ago, and I Finally Understand It

Eight years ago I called my Dad from my window view in the corner of the 32nd floor in the Bank tower. “I did an experiment, and now I know the secret to climbing the ladder,” I told him. “Get … Continue reading