Loving Unconditionally Is Impossible

In 2009 I took a year long Yoga Teacher Training Course.  I broke down and broke open. My life started unraveling. At the end of the course, the teacher, who was super intuitive, gave each of us a single-color beaded bracelet … Continue reading

Keep Your Power When Working with a Healer

We all want to make the most out of our sessions when we book with an intuitive, a medium, an energy healer, or any other type of metaphysical worker.   We want to get the most answers, the most healing, … Continue reading

Dear Shame, You’ve Got to GO!

When we’re cut off and disconnected from our SELF, we make bad decisions. Yet, as humans, we are all going to be disconnected from ourselves sometimes, and we are all going to make occasional bad decisions. We’ve all been people we’d … Continue reading

The Sessions #1 – Too Much is a Lie

In my private practice, I will sometimes have a session that is so moving, so powerful that I want to hold on to the words that flow forth. But I am not often blessed with the memories of these sessions. … Continue reading

Conscious Arguing #1: What Does the Energy of a Fight Look Like?

Mercury in Retrograde is already showing itself even though the exact dates of retro are May 19th, 2015-June 11th, 2015.  In honor of Mercury Retrograde and its joy in wreaking havoc in our communications and relationships, this entry will help explain what our energy … Continue reading