Dana Childs is an intuitive and energy healer. She offers executive leadership, energy healing consultations, and couples consultations.

Dana has been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine as an expert on using intuition in daily life and is sought after by school systems and international organizations to lead executive retreats and to speak on varied topics including Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, Boundaries, Creativity and Inspiration, Using Intuition at Work, and Relationship Building in the Workplace. She works with celebrities and top executives to aid them in their search for fulfillment in their professional and private lives.

She has a vast array of knowledge that she combines with her intuition in order to provide individuals with the awareness needed in order to allow for balance of mind, body, soul, and relationships. She pulls from her rich experience of world travel and in-depth study of numerous healing arts including Reiki, Shamanic Crystal Healing, Color Therapy, Pranayama, Holistic Medicine, Yoga Teacher Training, Thai Yoga, Meditation, Energy Medicine, and the art of Mediumship and Spiritual Healing.

Dana holds a degree in psychology which allows her to delve deeply into the human aspect of what motivates and inspires individuals and to cut through to the base human emotions that may subconsciously drive decisions, desires, and actions. She obtained a Master’s in Educational Administration / Leadership and is recognized by the Indian Board of Alternative Medicine as a Holistic Medical Doctor. She enjoys inspiring leaders, speaking about pretty much anything, and teaching intuitive, energy, and relationship skills in addition to her private practice.


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