Conscious Arguing #3 – How to Stop the Fight

Arguing and fighting with people we love totally sucks. But it’s going to happen, and it helps to understand it. In the previous posts, we learned what the energy of a fight looks like and how to open our heart … Continue reading

Conscious Arguing #2: How to Open Your Heart In a Fight

Have you ever had an argument with someone? An argument where your full warrior-self came out and felt desperate to have this person see your point and hear where you’re coming from, because you knew if they did, then you’d … Continue reading

Conscious Arguing #1: What Does the Energy of a Fight Look Like?

Mercury in Retrograde is already showing itself even though the exact dates of retro are May 19th, 2015-June 11th, 2015.  In honor of Mercury Retrograde and its joy in wreaking havoc in our communications and relationships, this entry will help explain what our energy … Continue reading