What’s the use of Incompatibility?

A few days ago, I overheard someone say that in romantic relationships, people are always attracted to a person who is incompatible. Honestly, I had to sit with that one for a while. Surely this was incorrect – a faulty statement made by someone cynical about love.

But no…I actually think there is merit to this. A lot of merit. As humans, we crave to experience as much of this world as possible. Whether we are conscious of it or not, our Spirits are constantly seeking to expand. Romantic relationships offer a lot of expansion – if we choose to embrace the experience. It made me think of magnets; magnets with like ends will repel each other while magnets with an opposite charge will be pulled toward each other. And after all, what are we but beings with huge, electromagnetic fields? Guess what organ in the body emits the strongest electromagnetic field? The heart! In fact, according to studies conducted by HeartMath, the heart is 60 times greater in amplitude than the brain and 5000 times stronger! What does this mean? Our heart sends our brain more information than our brain sends our heart. So, our attraction to a potential partner may very well be subconscious. And designed for our soul’s growth. Continue reading